Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire

Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire

Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire Performance upgrades & tuning to push your car to its fullest potential. Call us today at Cherry Tuning. Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire.

Are you seeking a top and affordable Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire in the UK that can attend to all vehicles? You don’t need to look any further.

 At Cherry Tuning, we deal in all types of vehicles, especially German-made cars like Audi and BMW. Our rates are affordable, and you can call us today.

Car Tuning Specialists UK

Cherry Tuning is a top Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire, UK. We deal in all vehicles while priority remains top German cars like BMW, Audi, Skoda, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. 

At Cherry Tuning we provide many tuning levels which ranges from stage 1 remap to bigger turbos, larger injectors and attending to vehicles which need more bespoke custom services.

We have excellent vehicle tuning tools and equipment which includes a Data logging device, Full Rise ramp, Data Level Diagnostic software, 4WD Road Dyno and other tools which can make your vehicle better. 

Cherry Tuning offers tuning and remapping services to global and local clients. We are well-known among the car industry and are reliable.

Our Car Tuning Services

At Cherry tuning we offer our customers some unique services which includes: 

Engine Tuning

We can get your old engines out and install a better engine. 

This type of tuning means improving and expanding your vehicles to be able to cope with recent models. 

We deal with your cylinders by carrying out a classic displacement which makes space for better pistons to give your car more power. For petrol vehicles we will retrofit the supercharger to increase the power. 

Suspension Tuning

Vehicle suspensions are generally designed to appeal to global users, however this doesn’t go down well with everyone. At Cherry Tuning, we modify the suspension components and tune it to what you want.


Lowering means reducing the vehicle body. We can help your car lower, and have a sportier and better look. Some cars need to be lowered to be able to cope with road gravity, especially areas with many curves. 

Fixing Stabilizers

 Stabilizers are mainly for vehicle drivers to get their bearings. You can get a stabilizer installed in your vehicle to help stiffen your body when driving and avoid tilting in corners.

 Vehicle Bodyshell Tuning

Do you need a bodyshell tuning and paintwork for your car? You can get this done at Cherry Tuning because we offer the best rim paintwork and spoiler fittings which would go with your car. 

Why choose Cherry Tuning? 

You may ask the question, why should you pick us over others and what is special about Cherry Tuning?Here are some answers: 


We have been in the car care and repair business for over two decades. We have seen it all when it comes to all cars, especially German Vehicles. We are the best Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire in the UK , and we won’t disappoint you. 


 Many Car repair and tuning services make silly claims about power and MPG. We don’t lie about car faults or tuning cost, we provide the best tuning services around and don’t engage in shady dealings. 

Latest Equipment

Though we have been around for two decades, we are always putting our ears on the ground to use the latest Vehicle equipment to solve all car issues. 

With our high tech Testing services we have been able to solve many vehicle problems in the UK.


Cherry Tuning is a legal specialist with an AA, RAC and a green flag certification. What this means is that you are dealing with a recognised auto repair service in the UK. 

Contact Us Today

 At Cherry Tuning, we remain your best Car Tuning Specialists Ompton Nottinghamshire in the UK. We offer various vehicle maintenance services like cart tuning and remapping. You can contact us today and we’ll be at your service as soon as possible.